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"The meat comes in the middle: Vickie Ramirez's smart and moving Glenburn 12 WP... A politically charged conversation with wit, intelligence and a perceptiveness about what it's like to be a person of color in this country today." - Raven Snook, Time Out New York

Glenburn 12 WP (1F, 1M)

A Native American woman and a Black man walk into a bar taking refuge from the "die-in" protests at Grand Central over police brutality. With the pub deserted and bartender strangely absent, these two strangers have their run of the place. But as the liquor starts to flow, so do some inconvenient truths. (One Act)


Tanis Parenteau as Roberta, W. Tre Davis as Troy - Glenburn 12 WP for Summer Shorts lat 59E59 - 2015

"...the production (Standoff At Hwy#37) engages in lively debate about racism, sexism and who has the right to feel oppressed. It has a way of turning traditional "American" assumptions on their head ..." Jenny Lower - LA Weekly

Standoff At Hwy#37 (3F, 3 M)

A young National Guardsman who is also a banded member of the Tuscarora Nation, finds himself caught between cultures when a situation develops on the border of a small town in upstate New York and the Haudenosaunee reservation. He's faced with a life-changing choice: uphold his oath to defend the country or protect his the lands of his people.

Kalani Queypo as Darrin, LaVonne Rae Andrews as Aunt Bev, and Eagle Young as Thomas - Standoff At Hwy#37 at Native Voices at the Autry 2014

"...the play (Smoke) is an exploration of who belongs where, and how, and why, told through a tale of family and community with any good play, there are no easy answers; only big, complicated questions to wrestle with." - Robert A.K. Gonyo - Go See A Show

Smoke (3F, 4M)

A Tuscarora woman, who was born outside of her Clan, and therefore outside of Longhouse tradition, struggles to find her place on her very traditional reservation.

Raul Castillo as Brewster, Tanis Parenteau as Connie - Smoke at Mixed Phoenix Theatre Group at Pershing Square Signature Center 2013
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